Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Activation of Life-Force Energy

Life-force energy (also known as Prana or Chi in the East) is the vital energy that sustains us throughout the entirety of our lifetime upon this Earth. All illness and disease can be traced back to a blockage or hindrance in the flow of this life-force energy.

So in order to experience and sustain levels of optimal health it is necessary to release any physical, mental and emotional blocks to the flow of this life essence. Addressing all three of these aspects simultaneously is the most surefire way to create optimal flow in the fastest way possible.

Hindrances on the physical level consist of obstructions in the flow of fluids throughout the channels in your body, as the body is essentially a conglomeration of tubules and the fluids that run through them. On the mental level, blockages consist of negative and destructive thought-patterns that do not resonate with the natural and unimpeded flow of life. On the emotional level, blocks are experienced as negative emotional patterns such as grief, despair, fear or sorrow. These emotions tend to be out of proportion and often times unrelated to circumstantial events in your life experience.

Whenever there is any sort of block or hindrance, it exists on all three levels simultaneously. There is no exception to this rule. The three are absolutely intertwined and interdependent. While the block may have originated mainly on one level of the experience, it will always impact these three areas.

Take a physical injury for example. Say you are playing soccer and you suddenly fracture your leg. This impact clearly occurs first and foremost on the physical level. But as soon as the injury occurs you have thoughts of frustration, anger or despair. These thoughts then generate negative emotions that create another layer of pain and resistance along with the physical pain.

If total acceptance occurred as soon as the physical injury happened, then the subsequent emotional pain would not have been added on to the experience and instead the physical pain would be witnessed and held. The injury would heal much faster as you are not creating additional blockages in life-force energy, and the cause of the injury could also be realized and treated much more quickly, as it is my belief that no injuries or diseases occur physically without a precursor that is a deeper underlying vibratory pattern or imprint.

When energetic obstructions are released, the full activation of life-force energy comes down to one thing: living your life on purpose. When your entire waking state is devoted to moving in the powerful direction of your own personal bliss and individuated life purpose, when every move you make and action you take is directed toward the upliftment of human consciousness and the evolution of the whole, you become energetically activated in profound and indescribable ways. It is something that must be felt in order to be understood.

Finding your life purpose becomes immeasurably easier when energetic blocks are released. It will basically fall into your lap, as your natural movement and tendency then becomes following your expansion and joy. When there is no impediment to get in the way of your natural expression of life energy, it will express itself effortlessly and you won't even need to contemplate the nature of your life purpose. It will occur as a natural and spontaneous desire to move in a specific direction and channel your energy in a creative and impactful way. You will then become a self-actualized and self-activated being upon this Earth fulfilling your destiny in each and every moment :)

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